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Yashina Anna Aleksandrovna, Postgraduate student, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Reciprocal liability of the state and the citizen is an inalienable indicator of the state’s democratic and legal nature. A constitutional-legal principle of public authority’s civil liability is realized through the right to rehabilitation. The article is aimed at considering the notion of subjective right to rehabilitation as a constitutional one, researching the power thereof.
Materials and methods. The research and conclusions are made on the basis of the analysis of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal legisltation, literary sources and legal positions of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation. The authos used the materials of the survey carried among the associates of the institutions of justice in the Republic of Mordovia and Penza region, official statistical data and articles posted on the Internet and in mass media.
Results. The researchers substantiates that the right to rehabilitation is a subjective constitutional human right, structurally included into a constitutional-legal institution of rehabilitation. Every person aggrieved by public authorities and officials has the right to rehabilitation. According to the said right it is the state’s liability to provide rehabilitation. The right to rehabilitation, in constitutional point of view, pertains to a group of rights including guarantee-rights dedicated to protect personal, political, socioeconomic and cultural rights.
Conclusions. It is suggested to introduce a following article 52.1 into the Constitution of the Russian Federation: “The right to rehabilitation as a result of illegal or unsubstantiated actions (inactivity) of public authorities, local self-government or officials thereof, including illegal criminal or administrative prosecution, is guaranteed by the state”. 

Key words

the Constitution of the Russian Federation, rehabilitation, subjective law, constitutional human right to rehabilitation. 

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